Brand Refresh



You already have a logo for your business. You now need to pull your whole brand together with other elements for a visually consistent look for your brand. 

 Sub Logo for watermarking

A stripped-down graphic version of your main logo

 Social media header/banner

for your chosen platform

 Post Backgrounds

Set of 6 square graphics for you to use as a background to add text to for your social media posts.

 Social Media Icons

Set of social media icons for your website visually consistent with your branded colours


 Instagram Highlight Icons

Set of 6 branded highlight icons, visually consistent with your branded colours.

 Website Header

1 Website or blog header/banner

 Brand Style Guide

A full brand stylesheet, detailing the colours and fonts used within your new brand along with any logo and brand elements either provided by you or designed by me to ensure your brand looks cohesive at all times, online and offline. 

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